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Mindsys Omni-channel Retail Solutions

Mindsys Omni-channel service framework enhances the customer experience by creating synergy across multiple channels through out the consumer’s shopping experience. The solution integrates mobile and in-store experience and provides retailers with the platform to leverage ongoing innovations in mobile payments, shipping methods and online inventory catalogues.

Omni-Channel Service Orchestration solution delivers single view, core capabilities through Omni-Catalog, Omni-Inventory, Omni-Orders, Omni-Insights and Omni-Customer modules. Our solution enables retail enterprises to add several channels or change processes, without worrying about underlying IT infrastructure / investment constraints. It orchestrates the requests between the channels and the technology layer to deliver the single view.

Deploying an integrated technology platform gives retailers several advantages.

  • Single view of product information, inventory and customer orders
  • Analytics and insights about shopping behavior.
  • Accurate real-time information across all available channels.

This will enable retailers to provide consumers a more unified and fluid retail experience, across digital and physical channels.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps are everywhere and Omni-channel Framework that brings those apps to every device, screen resolution and adapts to the way we work and play. Mindsys understands how to harness mobile technology so your brand can pursue its full mobile potential without risks or boundaries.

Whether it is increasing customer satisfaction, streamlining business processes, deploying new revenue streams, or increasing productivity, Our approach to sales that promises to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience when the customer is shopping online.

IOS Development

iOS continues to be the most prestigious app platform; At its stringent quality measures and lavish-rejection rate, there are chances to be among the elite app group. Our developer takes your enterprise there with rich native app experience. Get in touch with our developers for a free demo and a quote.

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Android App development

Google Android application, the fastest growing mobile application platform in the market. Worried about the device fragmentation in Android? Our enterprise mobile app developers can build proprietary simulation tools to overcome the device and OS fragmentation problem. Build your own cool app today.

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Windows Phone Development

At its exuberant design and alluring UI, the windows mobile platform has a fair but loyal customer base. A great way to be a part of elite buying crowd, we make your WP app special with great functionality and design. Get in touch with our developers for a free demo and a quote.

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