Remote Development

Remote Development

Remote Development is an easiest, productive and cost-effective Offshore Development Centre service offered at Mindsys technologies. Be it a technology or operations, we will help you to fill the resource gap to accomplish your goals. Would you be interested to know how the Remote Development strategy works?

Extremely affordable

Because of our extraordinary concept, we have proven to be extremely affordable. You will be more than pleasantly surprised to see our customized quotations for a monthly cost estimate. Please feel free to give us a call, or click the Contact Us page for extra information.

Feel it’s your own

At Mindsys, you have a complete control on the day to day activities. You are involved with your dedicated team, and you have full technical control across all phases of development. And even though a Project Manager will help you supervise and guide your team, you have direct access to all of your associates. It’s you who decides on how and when your source code is delivered, and what procedures to be followed. It does not matter what your team size is, one or fifty, after a few months, you will really see them as colleagues, and occasionally even come and visit the team to take delivery, or to discuss the next project. You will receive monthly invoices, exactly as if you would pay salary to your in-house staff.

Own & Win Concept

Are you a start up or a lead player in the market? Our Remote Development program suits any kind of the market player. The best part of the remote development concept is to have a flair and transparent communication between the onshore and offshore team as we bridge the gap by keeping the below questions on behalf of our customer.

  • How do I transfer my requirements, and how detailed do they have to be?
  • Will the team at the other end of the globe really understand it?
  • Who will report to me, and how?
  • How do I report bugs and open issues, and will I be able to track them?
  • Will I have to transfer my knowledge once, or for every project again? And as if that is not bad enough, there is usually also the control issue.
  • Do I have a say in who works on my projects?
  • Can I communicate directly with the developers, and not be blocked off by a manager?
  • Do I have full technical control during the development phase?
  • Who controls my source code?
  • Can I decide myself on planning of my team?

If you are very particular about any of these questions with your current IT outsourcing partner, or if they are stopping you from starting at all, we are here to help you. We have taken more than a few steps back and looked at things totally from our customers' point of view

Pick Your Mate (PYM)

Be it a Developer or a Tester or a Business Analyst or a DBA or a PM, we allow our customers to pick the candidate of their choice with the pool of resources we have. You can select the candidates with the formal rounds of discussion. This PYM Concept allows you to customize your own team based on your requirement.

One Price with Wider Options

During our engagement with software companies, we have learnt that you need more than just developers. That is why we provide full service through a number of value added teams. Our predevelopment team will help you make estimates and turn your functional specifications into technical specifications. This not only saves you lot of time, but also helps you check if we have really understood what you expect from us. Our creative designing team will help you with wires, icons, templates,logos and entire house styles. Our project managers can be your single point of contact if your team becomes too big, and our technical writers can create online help or user manuals. Full fledged Quality Assurance team makes sure your standards are met, and that procedures are properly followed. And all of this, included in the monthly cost of the developers.

Continual Relationship with Mindsys

It is always a surprise to our prospects that we engage mostly in remote working environment. However, if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. You would normally get a new team for every single project you outsource, and need to transfer knowledge and create a bond with the new team from scratch every single time, whereas at Mindsys, that needs to happen only once. Other than in a usual offshore model, we build a team of people for you, along with you, to work at our offices in Chennai. This team will be with you as long as we are partners, across projects, so that after the startup period, it will actually feel as if you have hired your own staff in India. We build continual relationship to build and implement Y(our) project on time with utmost quality. Come on in and discover the fulfillment in remote working with Mindsys


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