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Mortgage Process Outsourcing

Mindsys's MPO wing is the resourceful, knowledgeable and emerging service provider focusing predominantly on American Title Insurance Industry. Our Mortgage process outsourcing works in providing solution to settlement companies, mortgage firms and realtors. Our Industry / Domain Knowledge is to help our clients to meet their targets pro-actively.Contact Us

Our Services for clients

Tax Certification (Voice Process)

Capture and provide data relating to tax status based on current and previous years’ statuses in regards to delinquency/lien which includes all entities (County/City/School….), based on the property, specific format and client requisites.

Property / Commitment Report

Our processing agents who are effectively trained based on the subject matter expertise, examination process which includes current / all owner search, Judgment/Lien searches, tax assessments, for any given period using the “County Plants” with the skillset in performing the task on Property Search.

Above report Includes:
  • Current owner search – Title search on the current owner, open liens, mortgages, other impediments and status of current taxes will be performed precise based on the client’s requirements.
  • Two owner search – Based on the demand, the process agents will have the current owner, prior owner on title which will be a part of the report.
  • Full title search – Chain of headings the property will be searched based on client’s ask which includes historical search in terms of aging between 20 to 60 years based on our services.
  • Update search – A title search will be based on the period from the last effective date of the title report and current date.

Post & Pre-Close Review Process

Our processing agents effectively audits / reviews the accuracy on the mortgagor, the property, loan information with lender-State and product specific requirements of the closing packages, the settlement statement against closing instructions along with fee sheet.

Property Search & Examination

Property record seekers engage in E2E task of the property including legal description & prior sale. We provide a review of the recorded documents affecting the subject property.

  • Legal Description from Purchase Money Deed (Current Owner, Vesting type, Manner of title, etc.)
  • Current deed status of all mortgages/deeds of trust
  • Open Mortgages/Deed of Trust, Last Assignment of record, Subordination, Modification and all other instruments pertaining to Mortgage/Deed of Trust ( till the current assessment)

Dates back to the current owner(s) originally took possession of the property from Current deed till tax status – All inclusive*


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